We could give better descriptions of the movies. But that would spoil the surprises... Have fun!

Unity Rocks! game screenshot Unity Rocks! - Game about the obstacles to Christian unity and collaboration. Multiple levels are included to challenge anyone.
Thanksgiving Exercise - Interactive and introspective exercise considering thankfulness and contentment in several areas of our lives

Capitol Investment - Invitation to get involved, generic topic, safe for nonprofits

Well, I'll be... - A look at a familiar phrase, with a challenge
Music in Heaven - Don't assume too much....especially us white folks...
Lent Message - Uses a little different meaning of the word "lent"


More Coming Soon...

Throughout the week, we see and hear thousands of messages via a variety of media formats. Many of these messages were created with many, many hours of labor.

This art and craft can become expensive. So, many media products are out of reach for small and non-profit organizations with very limited funds.

By making media products somewhat generic, we can divide the costs across many organizations. This will keep the cost affordable for you.

Software License Agreement (in summary)

Term Used:

Software: Digital media product ("Software") refers to software and associated creative work including text, images, style, presentation, etc.