Our Purpose

iconduet is an enabling ministry.

The word "ministry" is used around the world, even by governments, for service organizations. We also feel it is our role in the world to serve you and help your organization fulfill your mission.

We work with you to present an icon, an image, a representation. We work together with complementary roles, like a duet.

Pronounced as one word, iconduet sounds like "I can do it." The emphasis is not so much on what we can do. More so, we hope to enable you to say "I can do it!" by assisting with your media and communication needs.

Our Team

At this time, the majority of iconduet services are provided by Ron Hedberg. Ron has several years of experience with Web site design, computer programming and photography. He also has skills in video, Macromedia Flash movies, and other multimedia.

Other team members have years of experience in graphic arts, commercial television production, computer programming, Web site design, decorative painting, and other communication arts.

Our Message

When we work with you, we will help communicate your message.

Many of our products will feature the wonders of creation. God does the hard part in creation. We try to capture it visually so we can share it with you.

For messages we initiate, we aim to communicate visually God's heart and desires as revealed through the Scriptures. Some of this is comforting. But, more often it is a longing that we move closer to our purpose and destiny. And these may be uncomfortable and challenging messages. It is a challenge to greater commitment and faithfulness. And there, we will also experience greater love and power.